How To: Have an Epic Movie Night

Looking for something fun to do tonight?  If you are planning to rent a movie for entertainment, I will give you step by step instructions on how to have have an:

EPIC Movie Night!

Step 1:

Gather up some friends to join you in the flick viewing!  This is a very fun activity to do with all sorts of family and friends!   Let people know that you are planning to have an epic movie night and you would like them to join you!

Most Important Movie

(Image from Mike Licht, via Flickr)

Step 2:

There is a wide variety of different movie genres to choose from… everything from scary movies to comedies that will leave you cracking up.  Is it one of those nights where you feel like watching a romantic chick flick or are you more in the mood for an action sequence with intense special effects?  This is up to you!!!

Happy Dog

(Image from Larry Tomlinson via Flickr)

Step 3:

Still not sure what to watch?  You can also use website like IMDb to help give you reviews on different movies.  This site can also be useful if you are looking for a movie in which you know who acts in it, but can’t seem to think of the title.  Thanks to this site, your answer is only a short click away!

Question Mark

(Image from ryanmilani via Flickr)

Step 4:

Once you know what movie you would like to watch there are a variety of ways to view and/or rent the movie if you do not previously own it. (an online streaming site of a collection of various movies), Redbox (as the name suggests, this is a giant red kiosk box where you can both rent and drop off movies at a location near you), hulu (upgrading to huluplus for a fee will give you an even wider range of movie options on this site, the site typically does have some free movies that you can watch as well), Amazon (this allows you to purchase a movie to view and watch instantly), are services that you can choose to use and there are also many more options.

Our local RedBox, a pretty darn good way to rent movies

(Image from dionhinchcliffe via Flickr)

Step 5:

Now that you have your movie let’s get a quick snack to help make the night as enjoyable and epic as possible! What’s the one food that goes hand in hand with movie viewing… if you guessed popcorn, you are correct! Tired of just having butter on your popcorn and looking to spice it up a little?  If you would like to try some EXCITING popcorn recipes, click here!!!  Also, be sure to include refreshments with the popcorn!


(Image from Veggiefrog via Flickr)

Step 6:

Sit back and enjoy the movie!  

Leather Recliner #723

(Image from Posh Living, LLC via Flickr)


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